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Martial Training with History, Culture, and Technique

The classical martial art of Okinawa Kenpo provides a wide range of skills and training methods designed to improve your health, flexibility, stamina, and life protection skills. Subject matter includes empty hand kata, bag striking routines, weaponry, and self-defense.

Due to the nature of the subject matter, this program is best suited to adults (no previous experience necessary).

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Most classes are interactive with personal instruction. Pre-recorded materials are also provided to aid in weekly training.

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Program Details

Here are a few basics you’ll likely want to know before joining in:

  • Cost: $99 a Month
  • Times: Tuesday (7:00-8:30 pm EST) and Wednesday (6-7:30pm EST)
  • Class Length: 1.5 hours
  • Location: Program is held digitally with intermittent in-person training opportunities. Those in-person trainings are held in Phoenixville, PA.
  • Attendance Expectation: Minimum once per week
  • Physical Fitness Requirement: Exercises are adapted to each individual’s needs.
  • Age Requirements: This program is designed for young adults 16+ and adults. Not suitable for children.
  • Instructor: Matthew Apsokardu, Okinawa Kenpo 5th Dan. Learn more about the instructor.

Digital Class Content

Stretching and Warmups

Injury prevention is the first step toward making progress in any athletic endeavor.

Striking Bag Routines

Learn how to hit a hanging or standing bag with effective combinations.

Okinawa Kenpo Fundamentals

Develop foundational skills for optimal body movement and power.

Kata (Skill Patterns)

Ancient forms designed to improve technique, wellness, and body control.

Kobudo (Weapons)

Effective tools of life protection such as bo, sai, tonfa, kama (sickle), eiku (oar), and more.

Wellness Practices

Concepts and practices designed to enhance day-to-day wellness and longevity.

In-Person Class Content

Life Protection Scenarios

Two-person or multi-person drills designed around real-life self protection.

Tuidi Training

Okinawan joint locking, balance disruption, and methods of attack.

Rank Testing

Sanrin operates on a 6 kyu / 10 dan ranking system and tests take place in person.

Freestyle Sparring

Optional for those wanting to pressure test their techniques in a safe environment.

Weapons Sparring

Padded weapons and body protection to test weapons techniques and methods.

Kata Correction

Finer details of kata are refined and developed more easily in person.

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