About Sanrin Cultural Arts Center

Our Story and Mission

The Sanrin Cultural Arts Center started off simply as the Sanrin Dojo, a place where individuals could learn the martial arts of Japan and Okinawa. Those pursuits lead to interactions with other artists and before long, the vision for the Cultural Arts Center was born.

Our goal is to expand cultural awareness by making unique artistic programs available to all who want to learn. We aim tooffer as many interesting programs from countries like Japan and Okinawa as possible, but will also be expanding into other interesting locales. We will also offer adjacent programs such as nature education, fine art, writing, and more.

Person Holding Brush Drawing Kanji Script

How Our Programs Work

Built off of the concept of availability, our Center focuses on offering classes digitally. Most classes utilize technology such as Zoom to provide the instructor an opportunity to interact with students in a live environment. Occasionally programs will have a set curriculum that can be accessed, tested, and progressed similar to a digital college course.

The Center also offers physical classes as demand and interest allows.

Some Center courses last a limited time (days, weeks, or months) while other courses continue indefinitely.

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